Our Produce

Pome Fruit

Typically pome fruit are developed from the inferior ovary of the flower.

These fruits have a “core” of several small seeds, surrounded by a tough membrane. The membrane is encased in an edible layer of flesh. Trees are deciduous and have a dormant Winter period that requires cold temperatures for the tree to properly break dormancy in spring. Our apples and pears are supplied by our own as well as surrounding farms.

Stone Fruit

Stone fruits, also called drupes, are fruits that have a pit — hence the word 'stone' in their name — surrounded by a fleshy outer area.

Stone Fruit has a hard pip, hence the word Stone, with is surrounded by a fleshy outer layer. Stone fruits are low in calories, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins and minerals and are  great for improving digestion and metabolism.


Citrus fruits are notable for their fragrance, partly due to flavonoids and limonoids contained in the rind.

Citrus Fruits are juice-laden containing a high level of citric acid giving them their characteristic sharp and zesty flavour. Citrus fruits are also packed with essential vitamins.


Good Hope Fruit is a grower, packer and exporter of onions and butternuts.