Technical & Food Safety

Good Hope Fruit believe in the highest quality of service and produce. We stay up to date with all the technical and food safety accreditations and aspects.

The functions of our Technical / Quality Department includes

Monitoring of quality at the various pack stations which is done by means of quality inspections during the packing process. Quality inspections are also done on the packed product before delivery to the various markets.

Optimum picking maturity is achieved by regular testing by the GHF laboratory and by visits to the orchards by GHF technical personnel. This is done to ensure our product meets our client’s requirements and has the best possible storage and shelf life. We start Maturity indexing 3 weeks prior to harvest (twice per week) and release orchards for specific use eg. CA storage or export.

Packing programs are supplied to all our pack sheds outlining the specific quality and client requirements for the particular product to be packed. This is followed up with regular visits to these pack sheds to ensure the requirements are met.

Training is given to pack shed QC and packers. This is done so that everyone understands the different local and export standards.

Cold chain management is done by regular temperature checks along the supply chain.

Cold room management is done with regards to the loading of CA coldrooms. This is done by GHF technical to ensure that all factors like maturity, quality, storage life and market needs are considered when loading these CA rooms.

With regards to accreditations required by farms and pack sheds (Globalgap, BRC, HACCP etc) we give assistance in the form of preparation for audits, assistance in self audits and internal audits.

We keep all the Certification (BRC, EUREPGAP, Natures Choice, SEDEX, GRASP)) information up to date. GHF technical is in constant correspondence with clients which includes visits to various markets and accompanying clients on visits to pack sheds and farms. This is done so that the client’s needs are always met in terms of quality of the product supplied by GHF.

Recording, maintaining and updating of orchard data like full bloom dates, spray records, chemical analysis etc.

Determine mineral analysis & maturity indexing dates and collect samples.

Check mineral analysis sample results and send findings to producers with recommendations

Test and rank CA rooms once a month for the rest of the year.

Retain samples (Pome & Citrus) for every container sent to our clients to evaluate storage life and quality.

Keep Residue information up to date and maintain correspondence with chemical field agents. Give latest specifications on chemicals through to our producers.

Arrange delivery of Residue samples to accredited laboratory on every orchard when released for picking.

Check Residue results (against a specific client or countries MRL specifications for which the fruit is intended) and send to the producers with recommendations.

Cooling Capacity

Controlled Atmosphere rooms with a capacity for 90000 Bulk bins or +/- 36000 – 40 000 tons

35 regulated atmosphere rooms with a capacity for 30 000 Bulk bins

  • Whatever your needs, we will pack it precisely as you want it.
  • We are capable to add value to the packaging in South Africa.
  • Our CA rooms enable us to deliver fruit continuously to our clients
  • All our pack houses are BRC or HACCP accredited

Food Safety

In a Macro environment where Food Safety is of utmost importance, GHF continues to work towards various International accreditations to ensure that we meet the high standards that not only our customers expect of us, but the ones we set for ourselves.

We have a number of accreditations at our various packing locations and is available on demand.

Good Hope Fruit differs from most marketing companies in the sense that we are grower/exporters. What this means to the consumer is that we do not handle any produce that we did not grow ourselves, meaning full traceability and food safety.

To ensure compliance with international standards, our farms have GLOBAL gap accreditation and the pack stations all comply to HACCP and BRC standards. We take our social responsibility very seriously and GRASP and SIZA accreditation are done, to ensure that our farms comply to international requirements.